Music Pro Awards Announces 2019 Champions

The champions, in order of rank:

We have come to the end of a historic edition with a very high level of happiness marked by amazing data, incredible and sometimes unbelievable moments and wonderful results.

The mood is still euphoric. Everyone who have been here for the activities and ceremonies of recognition and awards have already returned to their homes and tasks, certainly modified, by what I consider the essence of this event: the value of love that brings us closer to the next, transforming the past, the present and the future into eternal.

For those who do not remember, exactly 365 days ago, we started at Circulart, Medellin – Colombia, the promotion of this edition consisting of the following activities: 7 workshops, 3 workshows, 12 panels, 5 pocket shows, 3 days of Funarte shows with 7 artists , 1 solemn session, 2 music documentaries, 5 book launches and 1 awards ceremony with 67 categories from 490 finalists competing, and we also increased last minute with the category: popular vote.

How do you attract people?

Good spaces, good structures, sincerity about our reality and limited condition and most importantly: good people and personalized content.

The 6 places and their structures to which we thank, nominally, are:

I CLDF by Mrs Arlete Sampaio’s Office with the support of comrades Gabriel Magno, Andreas Ibarra and Fred Brasiliense
II Correios Museum with the support of the Happen at the Museum, led by Tukka and Carol Villa Lobos, André Trindade and Manú
III Sesc Silvio Barbato, LAB PPM site supported by Ana Paula and Gibba
IV Pier 21 and our “almost partner” Mariana Fleet
V Plinio Marcos da Funarte Theater, where the technicians Adilmo, Edbert and Maranhão reassured us
VI and the Choro Club of Brasilia and all the symbolism that carries with it and the professionalism of comrade Marcos Guedes and team made in Reco do Bandolim

The 6 nightclubs that opened doors in this city:

I Bar Brahma
II UK Music Hall
III Zeppelin Burger
IV Eye Patch Panda
V Cryoline
VI Mundo Vivo

About the people, we always start with the honorees, who inspire us with the slogans and the content to be debated, liked and shared. This way, we came to the phrase “from classic to popular, 100 years of Brazilian music” and raised the following doubt about our thoughts, namely: Ronaldo Bastos, Genildo Fonseca and Claudio Santoro; Are they classic or popular?

Then we set up our jury which this year was composed by the following personalities: Roberto Menescal, Bruno Boulay, Fernando Anitelli, Jose Carlos Barroso, Manno Góes, Mariana Fleet, Marinilda Boulay, Pena Schmidt, Renata Gomes, Thomas Roth, Enrico de Paoli , James Lima, Beatriz Magalhães, Valéria Becker, Guilherme Sampaio, Marcus Ligocki, Daniel Neves and finally, Alec Haiat.

Following are the strategic, institutional and cultural support partners that are fundamental to evolution, enrichment and viability, which this year consisted of: Central Office of Collection and Distribution, Harbro Music, Independent Digital, Formemus [ES], Radio Alpha FM , Brahma Brasilia, the Olha Brasilia portal, Galdar Tecnologia, the HPLus Hotels chain, the Orbis Studio that enabled the realization of the LAB PPM and the communication company, Donna Midia Comunicação of the journalist Maura Charlotte, responsible for the press office, and for Cascelli Design agency, led by our brand and IDV creator Carlos André Cascelli

And  the 378 present participants that filled the awards ceremony, of course, that know that regardless of classifications their routines have changed, perceptions have changed, and the consequence of all this is the individual and collective wealth we provide during those days. three unforgettable days in the capital of Brazil.

What is the great price of this event that I try to offer annually?

The abundance.

And to you?

Let 2020 come.

Thank you.



Gustavo Vasconcellos