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MUSIC PRO AWARDS – So, what’s your bossa?

MPA 2018 will contemplate 60 categories and will honor Roberto Menescal

The Music Pro Awards (MPA), conceived by the brazilian musician and producer Gustavo Ribeiro de Vasconcellos, was designed to expose and recognize the contribution of several professionals involved in the creation, production and circulation of works and musical and audiovisual productions, and from this: to collaborate in the development of opportunities and new business of this great sector that is music, from the convergence with other segments. This way, we can expand frontiers by promoting exchanges and disseminating legacies by sharing experiences and emotions.

On the way to its 4th edition, which will take place from April 16 to 21, 2018, MPA welcomes all professionals from Brazil and abroad who will be in Brasilia to participate in this pioneer initiative. In an week of event, participants will have at their disposal an extensive program composed of panels, talkshows, workshops, pocket shows, musical documentary and shows at the opening and closing of the event. The highspot will be the ceremony dedicated to the awarding of professionals in 60 categories of professionals, subdivided in the modes Creation, Production and Convergence.

Another attraction of MPA 2018 will be the space for the network and business among the participants, set up at Shopping Píer 21, on the boarders of Lake Paranoá in Brasília – Distrito Federal.

In its the first edition (April, 2015), the honoree was the poet and artist Renato Russo. In the 2nd edition (April, 2016), the author and composer from Minas Gerais, Fernando Brant, was the revered personality. In addition, his name baptized the trophy given to the professionals of the year chosen in an unprecedented way by voting only on the event website (by the combination of the votes of the registered professionals, the public and, finally, by the jury).

At 2017, the focus was on the collective, based on the argument that an association is a result of union and collaboration, allowing expansion and evolution. Thus, the homage was to the 15 years of the Brazilian Association of Independent Music (ABMI), having as symbols three of its illustrious founders: the musician and maestro Benjamin Taubkin, the producer Pena Schmidt and the actor and publicist Thomas Roth.

If in 2015 panels and talkshows questioned the future of music, in 2016 the value of everything and everyone who created, produced, exhibited, traded, shared and enjoyed that raw material was discussed.

In the 4th edition, the program will highlight successful actions and achievements of musical entrepreneurship in the public, private and digital sectors around the 360º of possibilities and opportunities generated from the creative and productive audiovisual chains.