MPA 2018 announces the first international panelist

The year has just started, and we already have huge news. The Music Pro Award’s schedule of Workshops has gained an enormous guest. Allen Johnston, aptly called THE MUSIC SPECIALIST, will come directly from Atlanta (USA) to The MPA 2018.

With over four decades of progressive experience in all aspects of music product development, licensing, sales, promotion and distribution for national and international markets, he has worked with labels including Ariola, Arista, Capital, EMI America, Fantasy, Island, K-Tel, Mercury, Sony, Stax and Warner Bros. Records. Independent labels and publishers rely upon his expertise in the areas of publishing administration, licensing, royalty recovery, business affairs, label operation, business administration and the digital marketplace. Allen consults new and existing entertainment businesses, increasing their revenue streams while making them technically astute. Mr. Johnston is an accomplished speaker and has lectured for numerous conferenc es.

In Allen’s panel From the Song to the Bank, which is a part of The Music Pro Awards 2018’s schedule of Workshops, each and every indie musician, publisher or serious fan will gain inside knowledge on what makes the music industry tick; especially how it’s changed and what to expect in light of the digital landscape. In addition to straight business talk, we’ll add some career coaching/marketing speak to our discussion. Covered topics will include: do I need a label or publishing deal to release my record; what should I be doing to promote myself; what options are available to me – the artist.

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